Baby la-las

13 Jul , 2012  



1. A term used for when a lady is sucked into a “complain, whine and then grumping” cycle that keeps repeating until she is almost incapacitated.

Ex: “You have been sitting there on the couch, and don’t know what you want for dinner and are upset now because you are hungry? Boy, someone’s got a case of the Baby La Las.”

2. When a person starts complaining about something perfectly lovely that shows no innate unpleasantness, but the subject still seems to find fault with.

Ex: “The big trouble with champagne is that it’s so sugary. The hangovers are terrible” . She’s being total baby la las about that, geez.”

Origin: First seen articles written by @kateCarraway for Vice.

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Officer BonerBender

27 Aug , 2009  

Boner Bender


1. A woman who’s ugliness insights a man to lose his erection (boner), instantly ruining whatever he had cooked up in his head.
Officer BonerBender over there is working her terrible magic with the jumpsuit.

2. Someone intent on ruining a wonderful evening in whatever way possible.
Ex: Nice job Officer BonerBender, you just got us kicked out of a bar..

Origin: Vice do’s and dont’s can I just say this column is consistantly hilarious

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Chronicles Of Ridic

2 Jul , 2009  



1. Ridiculous or stupid.
Ex: This guy is “fit but he knows it” which is kind of endearing on hot chicks but looks chronicles of ridic on dudes.

Origin: Intitally Borrowed from Vice. But its not hard to put together a phrase that means ridiculous or stupid and a Vin Diesel movie.

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