20 Oct , 2015  



1. Men urinating hands free.
Ex:  “I just walked into the bathroom and saw some dude bluetoothing without a care in the world.”

Origin: “Hands free.”

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Floop The Pig

13 Aug , 2012  


1. Taking an unconventional path to success.

Ex: I was just a caterer, then I flooped the pig, and now I know the most successful Super Crackers in the the tri-state area. 

Origin: Borrowed from the Adventure Time episode, Card Wars. The two main characters are playing a Magic the Gathering like card game. Fin the character who has never played the game floops (activates/taps) his pig card, Jake the experienced player laughs at Fin’s choice, and then is quickly defeated.

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Sex Act

Sneak job

29 Aug , 2011  



1. Sex act preformed while sneaking away from a group a people. Often said act is not as secret as the participants would have thought.
Ex: “Hey where have you guys been I’ve been looking for you for the last hour?” “Shut-up man, we all know you were off sneak-jobbing it. We all heard you.”

2. A spy

Origin: You know you’ve at last thought about it if not done it

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Going To Everest

26 Jan , 2009  



1. Giving up on life.
Ex: My dreams are stupid, and everything i wanted it retarded, screw it, I’m going to Everest.

2. Going to everest.edu
Origin: Those horrible Everest school ads that play constanly during the daytime, and late at night, that no matter what your situation (employeed or not) make you feel like complete trash and everything you want is pointless and Everest is the only way to get ahead in life.

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Smash Your Snout

19 Jan , 2009  


Verb Phrase

1. Hit someone in the nose/face
Ex: Damnit! Dance on the architecture or I’m going to smash your snout.

2. Hit a dog/animal on the nose

Origin: While dog sitting very loud unruley dogs a threat was constantly made to them to smash their snouts. Over time this migrated from dog to people.

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Sex Act

Dance on the architecture

14 Jan , 2009  

Dancing on the architecture

Verb Phrase

1. Oral copulation performed on a female.
Ex: Why don’t we go back to the bedroom and you can dance on the architecture.

2. Dancing on a building in some manner as Lionel Richie would.

Origin: Borrowed and repurposed from the Gaslight Anthem song Casanova, Baby! from the album The ’59 Sound.


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Brooke,Sex Act

Watching Ghost World

11 Jan , 2009  


Verb phrase

1. A Euphemism for sex.
Where’s Brooke?  She’s watching Ghost World with some dude at her house.

2. Actually watching the movie Ghost World

Origin: Brooke D, Adam R, Chris H. and Jess J. all discussed Brooke’s previous evening’s activities.  She had claimed to have watched the indie flick with a gentleman caller at a very late hour.  This argument was dubious at best.  Come on.

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