It’s like a Coalesce show in here

8 Mar , 2013  


Verb Phrase

1. A room full of “unattractive” people.
Ex:”High five on being the hottest people here.” “What?” “Look around, its like a Coalesce show in here.”

Origin: Hardcore doesn’t exactly bring out the models. Jess actually said these exact words while in a a room full of ugos.

Also see: MicroCenter 10

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Human Body

Trouble at the Old Mine

22 Oct , 2012  

Trouble At The Old Mine

Verb Phrase

1. A feeling of intestinal distress that usually involves a trip to the restroom.
Ex: “If you’ll excuse me, I think I’ve got trouble at the old mine.”

Origin: Submitted by Rob P.

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Being A Samantha

22 Nov , 2011  


Verb Phrase

1.Having breast cancer
Ex:“What did the doctor say? “Its not good, he said I’m a Samantha.” “Oh my god. Don’t worry we’re going to get through this.”

Origin: Remember all that “You’re a Carrie/Miranda/Samantha/Charlotte” garbage? Well Samantha had cancer, so having cancer makes you a Samantha.

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