5 Feb , 2014  



1. Super tired and fighting to stay awake.

Ex:”We just got here. How are you already straight Spano’d?”

Origin: That pill episode of saved by the bell and Jessie (the person not the tv character)  being fall down sleepy while out and about.

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Body Parts


4 Sep , 2012  



1. Vagina.
Ex: A whore’s bath? Yes, I had a one night stand so I rubbed some dryer sheets on my pits and splashed some water on my hush. I’m a modern woman!

Origin: Borrowed from an episode of Happy Endings.

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Body Parts

Back Mouth

5 Sep , 2011  

Back Mouth


1. Butthole
Ex: Jason has the nicest back mouth

2. A deformity where someone actually has some sort of mouth/lips growing on their back

Origin: Borrowed from an audio commentary  on an Arrested Development episode.

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30 Rock

This is the prophecy Meat Cat spoke of

14 Jun , 2011  



1. Any predictive statement that later, actually comes true.
Ex: “My architecture is being danced on? This is the prophecy Meat Cat spoke of!”

Origin: Borrowed and then misquoted from 30 Rock. The actual quote from the show is “this is what Meet Cat spoke of.”


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19 Mar , 2009  



1. A whore or slut
Ex: Look at that ho-ma over there. I better her breath smells like penis.

Origin: Borrowed from the Upright Citizens Brigade tv show, one of the best sketch shows ever.

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Body Parts,Intercourse

Panty Crickets

6 Mar , 2009  



1. Any non-fatal STD, generally associated with crabs.
Ex: Dang y’all he gave me panty crickets.

2. Actual crickets in ones panties.

Origin: Amy Poehler playing Britney Spears on Saturday Night Live.

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30 Rock

Mind Grapes

12 Feb , 2009  

tracy jefferson


1. A term referring to a brain.
Ex: This information is blowin’  my mind grapes

Origin: Another Tracy Morgan original from 30 rock.  See also thoughtcicles.

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Arrested Devlopment,Television

Warden Gentles

8 Feb , 2009  

Warden Gentles

Verb Phrase

1. To be gentle.
Ex: Be a little more Warden Gentles with my architecture, its sensitive.

2. Warden Gentles is a charater played by James Lipton on the most amazing television show ever made, Arrested Development. Warden Gentles was the prison warden during the 2nd and 3rd seasons.

Origin: A lot of Arrested Development watching. There is really no funny story with this. Gentle, Warden Gentles, it just happened.

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Going To Everest

26 Jan , 2009  



1. Giving up on life.
Ex: My dreams are stupid, and everything i wanted it retarded, screw it, I’m going to Everest.

2. Going to
Origin: Those horrible Everest school ads that play constanly during the daytime, and late at night, that no matter what your situation (employeed or not) make you feel like complete trash and everything you want is pointless and Everest is the only way to get ahead in life.

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