16 Jul , 2009  



1. “I am going to.”
Ex: Ima dance all over that architecture.

Origin: Its a carry over from doing hick/country/Indiana accents and voices.

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Chronicles Of Ridic

2 Jul , 2009  



1. Ridiculous or stupid.
Ex: This guy is “fit but he knows it” which is kind of endearing on hot chicks but looks chronicles of ridic on dudes.

Origin: Intitally Borrowed from Vice. But its not hard to put together a phrase that means ridiculous or stupid and a Vin Diesel movie.

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Ahh Yeah Miss New Booty

26 Jun , 2009  



1. A exclamation of joy.
Ex: I’m not preggers! Ahh yeah miss new booty!*

2. Song by Bubba Sparxxx

Origin: There isn’t really one. Its just entertaining to say and the video is great.

*There has been no pregnancy scares at Hecktionary HQ, but not having a baby seems like good news.

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21 Mar , 2009  


Noun or Verb

1. To get fat or simply to be fat.
Ex: Man, Topanga got mad glandular those last couple seasons of Boy Meets World.

Origin: Jess actually just out of no where said the example used in the definition.

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7 Mar , 2009  


1. One person gripping both of another person’s hands with one hand.
Ex: Aghh. No. No, stop! No two-hand-one-hand. Give me my damn hands back.

2. Two hands being surgically grafted together, forming one hand.

Origin: Chris has much bigger hands than Jess does.

Body Parts,Intercourse

Panty Crickets

6 Mar , 2009  



1. Any non-fatal STD, generally associated with crabs.
Ex: Dang y’all he gave me panty crickets.

2. Actual crickets in ones panties.

Origin: Amy Poehler playing Britney Spears on Saturday Night Live.

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Body Parts


5 Mar , 2009  




2. One of the United States, also a place for lovers.

Origin: Virginia, vagina, this isn’t brain surgery to put together. Also the girl in the Gaslight Anthem song Casanova, Baby! (the birthplace of dance on the architecture) is named Virginia.

Alt: Virginia Wolf.

1. A very unkempt bush.

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Arrested Devlopment,Television

Warden Gentles

8 Feb , 2009  

Warden Gentles

Verb Phrase

1. To be gentle.
Ex: Be a little more Warden Gentles with my architecture, its sensitive.

2. Warden Gentles is a charater played by James Lipton on the most amazing television show ever made, Arrested Development. Warden Gentles was the prison warden during the 2nd and 3rd seasons.

Origin: A lot of Arrested Development watching. There is really no funny story with this. Gentle, Warden Gentles, it just happened.

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7 Feb , 2009  


Expletive, Interjection, Noun

1. A word either whispered or shouted at someone to either annoy, surprise or seduce them.

2. A telegram delivered with a pair of crappy PJ’s at a ridiculous price by this company.

Ex: Hey, I have a secret, …….. PAJAMAGRAM!

Origin: Its a real thing. Also, Jess was drunk and playing Trivial Pursuiting one evening with friends and kept shouting and whispering Pajamagram for every answers in the game.

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