I too am now in the framing business

6 Dec , 2010  

Framing Biz


1. A method of explaining that you have been dumped by your significant other.
Ex:Well, you’re lucky, because unlike you, I didn’t get a letter with all those obscure adjectives. What are you talking about? I too now am in the framing business.

Origin: This is borrowed from Mallrats.

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30 Rock


4 Mar , 2009  



1. A couple that when together make you sick. They tend to be overly affectionate and cutesy.
Ex: Look at Jalisa over there. What a couple of a-holes.

Origin: 30 Rock. The combined name of Jack and his girlfriend Elisa. Seen here.

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Cuddle Rape

22 Dec , 2008  



1. Being cuddled against one’s will.

Origin: While waiting for a table at a restaurant the question was posed what you would name your child. Chris’s answer was Sasquatch Jr.,  Adam B. claimed he had been raped by Sasquatch. Chris denied this, stating that the sex had been consensual, but the cuddling was not.