5 Feb , 2014  



1. Super tired and fighting to stay awake.

Ex:”We just got here. How are you already straight Spano’d?”

Origin: That pill episode of saved by the bell and Jessie (the person not the tv character)  being fall down sleepy while out and about.

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4 Jan , 2013  



1. A situation in which sitting around/being lazy makes one feel worse not better.
Ex: “I know we feel gross but we have got to do something we have lazy AIDS and more napping is not the cure.”

Origin: During a bout of household illness it was noted that when we rallied and did the things we had to do we felt much better than when we spent all day laying around.

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Baby la-las

13 Jul , 2012  



1. A term used for when a lady is sucked into a “complain, whine and then grumping” cycle that keeps repeating until she is almost incapacitated.

Ex: “You have been sitting there on the couch, and don’t know what you want for dinner and are upset now because you are hungry? Boy, someone’s got a case of the Baby La Las.”

2. When a person starts complaining about something perfectly lovely that shows no innate unpleasantness, but the subject still seems to find fault with.

Ex: “The big trouble with champagne is that it’s so sugary. The hangovers are terrible” . She’s being total baby la las about that, geez.”

Origin: First seen articles written by @kateCarraway for Vice.

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Human Body


5 Nov , 2009  



1. Hermaphrodite
Ex: “I heard Lady Gaga is a herm, but I’d still bang him/her.”

2. A guy who runs a record store in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Origin: Simple word shortening, nothing bananas.

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Human Body

Drama Pipes

10 Jul , 2009  



1. Stomach/intestinal problems.
Ex: Oh god where is the pepto, I’ve got all kinds of drama pipes.

2. Pipes used to carry drama from one area to another.

3. Pipes constructed of drama.

Origin: Borrowed from Achewood.

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Fixing the air conditioner

1 May , 2009  



1. Sex.
Ex: I’ve been on your porch knock for like 20 minutes where the hell were you? We were upstairs fixing the air conditioner.

2. Being late on the account of having sex

3. Actually fixing problems with a air conditioning unit.

Origin: Derek and Becky were sexing it up when people showed up to their house. After a few minutes of knocking (on the door) they appeared, and Becky shouted “we were upstairs fixing the air conditioner”.

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Allen Trammell Face

28 Jan , 2009  



1. A condition describing some one’s awful scarred up face. It often comes with the phrase “been hit with a bag of hot nickels”. Deep scarring and pitting are typical and is used to describe the unattractive. (See here)
Ex: Ugh, she got Allan Trammell face!

2. Allan Trammell’s actual face.

Origin: Adam R. is partially credited, this is a way to insult ugly women even further than he normally does.

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Fat times at Ridgemont High

23 Jan , 2009  



1. To refer to one’s self as being overweight for a period of time.
I think that the photo was from “fat times at Ridgemont High”.

Origin:Thinking about herself last year, Jess introspectively remembers her approximate shape or blob.

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Trash Mouth

22 Jan , 2009  



1. A insatiable craving for junk foods.
Ex: I’ve had trash mouth all damn day. I hate Doritios but I can’t stop.

2. Actually have a mouth full of trash.

3. A actual mouth made of trash.

Origin: Chris just started using it one day and it stuck. But it makes sense, junk food is trash food, so a mouth full of junk all day equals trash mouth.

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