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30 Sep , 2011  



1. A euphemism for a woman’s aroused lady bits.
Ex: “Don’t get a super-soaker over that guy in the plaid shirt.”

2. A children’s large toy squirt gun, that usually holds large amounts of water sprayed at a high pressure by a pumping mechanism.
Ex: That super-soaker blasted my glasses apart.

Origin: @KateCarroway is a blogger for Vice Magazine. She has written a “Girl News” series that uses the term super-soaker similar to how Hecktionary uses “wide on“.

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Body Parts

Back Mouth

5 Sep , 2011  

Back Mouth


1. Butthole
Ex: Jason has the nicest back mouth

2. A deformity where someone actually has some sort of mouth/lips growing on their back

Origin: Borrowed from an audio commentary  on an Arrested Development episode.

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1 Sep , 2011  



1. A unit of liquid measure
Ex: “How much do you want?” “Oh about a mooncup.” “How much is that?” ” About 8 hours of menstrations worth.”

2. A cup made out of moon rock.

Origin: This disgusting product. Also see, diva cup.

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Basics,Body Parts

Bologna Fadeouts

26 Aug , 2011  



1. Large nipples that have no clear edges and just fade into the breast.
Ex: Her rack was so amazing, then she took her shirt off and it was all dinner plate sized  Bologna Fadeouts. I faked an asthma attack and bailed.

Origin: You should have known this since 5th grade.

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Body Parts

Back Taters

24 Aug , 2011  



1. Fat that creeps around to ones back, creating back tits.
Ex: Ugh, gross, look at the back taters on that dude.

Origin: On a family campout, a relative was putting on a lifejacket and it smashed her together and created back tits. And taters was a way to not say tits in front of little kids. Put it all together, back taters.

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30 Rock


2 Mar , 2009  



1. Anything that you have some vague idea exists, but really know nothing at all about.
Ex: “Dance on the architecture? Is that an efron?”

Origin: On an episode 30 rock, Liz Lemon says “He looks like Zack Efron – that’s a thing, right?” when refering to a much younger love interest.

Submitted by: Derek L.

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Unnecessary Word shortening


14 Feb , 2009  


Sounds like: beige

1. Short for Asian
Ex: All aiesh lady have side-ways architecture.

Origin: Not totally sure, it just kind of became a thing. Though it is much more likey to be linked to race related jokes than it is to simple word shortening.

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Trash Mouth

22 Jan , 2009  



1. A insatiable craving for junk foods.
Ex: I’ve had trash mouth all damn day. I hate Doritios but I can’t stop.

2. Actually have a mouth full of trash.

3. A actual mouth made of trash.

Origin: Chris just started using it one day and it stuck. But it makes sense, junk food is trash food, so a mouth full of junk all day equals trash mouth.

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Household item

Shrink Machine

20 Jan , 2009  

Shrink Machine


1. Jess & Chris’s current dyer.
Ex: What the hell?! I just bought this shirt and now it doesn’t fit? Damnit. I hate the shrink machine.

2. That thing from “Honey I Shrunk The Kids 1 & 2”, and the third epic in the trilogy, “Honey We Shrunk Ourselves”.

Origin: Our dryer sucks. It only has high heat. As a consequence all our clothes get shrunk.