17 Jul , 2014  



(Pronounced: Ya-nosh)

1. Liking something that most people generally don’t think much of.

Ex:”This Tapioca pudding is totally my janosz

Origin: Janosz is a character from Ghost Busters 2. Jess and Mikey D. both loved Ghostbusters 2 almost more than Ghostbusters. Everyone of course thinks they are nuts.

This is the opposite of “Peppers & Onions.”

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I too am now in the framing business

6 Dec , 2010  

Framing Biz


1. A method of explaining that you have been dumped by your significant other.
Ex:Well, you’re lucky, because unlike you, I didn’t get a letter with all those obscure adjectives. What are you talking about? I too now am in the framing business.

Origin: This is borrowed from Mallrats.

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