Basics,Body Parts

Bologna Fadeouts

26 Aug , 2011  



1. Large nipples that have no clear edges and just fade into the breast.
Ex: Her rack was so amazing, then she took her shirt off and it was all dinner plate sized  Bologna Fadeouts. I faked an asthma attack and bailed.

Origin: You should have known this since 5th grade.

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Sex Act

Parisian Brunch

2 Jul , 2011  



1. Being raped with a french baguette.
Ex: “Where the hell is Nate?” “Oh dude, didn’t you hear? He had a Parisian Brunch yesterday. He’s not going to be hanging-out for a while.”

2. Having brunch in Paris.

Origin: We were discussing the baguette intercourse experience.


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3 Nov , 2009  



1. Porno

Origin: Borrowed from the filthy mouth of Ms. Kelly P., and who know where she got it.

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Officer BonerBender

27 Aug , 2009  

Boner Bender


1. A woman who’s ugliness insights a man to lose his erection (boner), instantly ruining whatever he had cooked up in his head.
Officer BonerBender over there is working her terrible magic with the jumpsuit.

2. Someone intent on ruining a wonderful evening in whatever way possible.
Ex: Nice job Officer BonerBender, you just got us kicked out of a bar..

Origin: Vice do’s and dont’s can I just say this column is consistantly hilarious

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Self Pleasure

Jocelyn Elders

18 Aug , 2009  


Verb or Noun

1. To jostle or shake someone.
Ex: Oh god, stop Jocelyn Eldersing me, I’ve got mad drama pipes.

2. Masturbation, or to call someone a masturbater.
Ex: Looks like you need to shave those palms Jocelyn Elders.

Origin: Jocelyn, jostling, jostlin’, pretty straight forward. As for the masturbation meaning, Elders was appointed by Bill Clinton to be United States Surgeon General. During her time in that position she probably most well know for (and made fun of constantly) for her statement made at a United Nations conference on AIDS about masturbation “I think that it is part of human sexuality, and perhaps it should be taught.” So Jocelyn Elders = spanking it.

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Red Squirrel In The Morning

7 Aug , 2009  



1. Morning coitus. Specifically, morning coitus with someone with red hair, carpet and drapes.

Origin: Lifted by Charbuckles from a Fleet Foxes song.

Submitted by: Charbuckles

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Letting them down gently

2 Jun , 2009  



1. Delivering bad news while performing a hand-job.
Ex: “How did he take the break up?” “Pretty well, I let him down gently.”

2. Slowly and carefully lowering a person from a great height.

Origin: Jess said: “I guess I’ll have to let him down gently then…” Chris fired back: “So you’ll tell him while giving him a hand job?”

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Jean job

22 May , 2009  

Screen shot 2011-06-10 at 10.15.21 PM

Noun or Verb

1. One person rubbing another person’s genitals through their jeans.
Ex: “You want to give me what? A jean job? Oh yeah that sounds great I’d love to have a raw and chapped dick.”
Ex 2:

2. Employment with Levi’s.

Origin: Jess hand her hand on Chris’s lap and Adam R. blurted out “are you giving him a jean job?”.

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19 Mar , 2009  



1. A whore or slut
Ex: Look at that ho-ma over there. I better her breath smells like penis.

Origin: Borrowed from the Upright Citizens Brigade tv show, one of the best sketch shows ever.

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