Going To Everest

26 Jan , 2009  



1. Giving up on life.
Ex: My dreams are stupid, and everything i wanted it retarded, screw it, I’m going to Everest.

2. Going to
Origin: Those horrible Everest school ads that play constanly during the daytime, and late at night, that no matter what your situation (employeed or not) make you feel like complete trash and everything you want is pointless and Everest is the only way to get ahead in life.

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Household item

Shrink Machine

20 Jan , 2009  

Shrink Machine


1. Jess & Chris’s current dyer.
Ex: What the hell?! I just bought this shirt and now it doesn’t fit? Damnit. I hate the shrink machine.

2. That thing from “Honey I Shrunk The Kids 1 & 2”, and the third epic in the trilogy, “Honey We Shrunk Ourselves”.

Origin: Our dryer sucks. It only has high heat. As a consequence all our clothes get shrunk.


Household item

Stink Beans

8 Jan , 2009  



1. A microwaveble grain filled pillow, used to warm up a cold bed, or as a heating pad for muscles/cuddles.  Essential oils in filling may cause stinking to occur.

Origin: A warming bean bag for muscles started to smell after continued microwaving.

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