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Wanna go to Disneyland?

18 Jul , 2014  


Interrogative phrase

1. A phrase of apology or consolation in response to someone’s terrible situation or news. This is given as a symbolic gesture when there is nothing that can be said to explain your support, and care of this person without sounding weird.

Ex:” Yeah, My dad fought really hard, but he couldn’t make it.” “…hey man, wanna go to Disneyland?”

Origin: The Nerdist Podcast host, Chris Hardwick and guest Hannibal Buress were discussing what happens when someone dies and there is no way that you can say anything to make that person feel better, but you still want to say some statement of support that shows that you care and you are there for them without being creepy. Since the nature of this “I support you” statement is often awkward, this phrase instead would provide comic levity as well as show support.

See also: Flarb

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4 Jan , 2013  



1. A situation in which sitting around/being lazy makes one feel worse not better.
Ex: “I know we feel gross but we have got to do something we have lazy AIDS and more napping is not the cure.”

Origin: During a bout of household illness it was noted that when we rallied and did the things we had to do we felt much better than when we spent all day laying around.

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30 Sep , 2011  



1. A euphemism for a woman’s aroused lady bits.
Ex: “Don’t get a super-soaker over that guy in the plaid shirt.”

2. A children’s large toy squirt gun, that usually holds large amounts of water sprayed at a high pressure by a pumping mechanism.
Ex: That super-soaker blasted my glasses apart.

Origin: @KateCarroway is a blogger for Vice Magazine. She has written a “Girl News” series that uses the term super-soaker similar to how Hecktionary uses “wide on“.

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