Body Parts

Back Taters

24 Aug , 2011  



1. Fat that creeps around to ones back, creating back tits.
Ex: Ugh, gross, look at the back taters on that dude.

Origin: On a family campout, a relative was putting on a lifejacket and it smashed her together and created back tits. And taters was a way to not say tits in front of little kids. Put it all together, back taters.

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Murder Pants

31 Jul , 2011  



1.Pants that are so tight, that your organs are squished to cause kidney failure, spinal misalignment, asphyxiation and death if worn for too long.

2. Anthropomorphic pants that are actively trying to kill someone

Origin: The cultural shift of wearing pants that are snug verging on obscenely tight has lead to personal experiences with tight pants bent on silencing my heart by slowly choking the last breath out of me.

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21 Mar , 2009  


Noun or Verb

1. To get fat or simply to be fat.
Ex: Man, Topanga got mad glandular those last couple seasons of Boy Meets World.

Origin: Jess actually just out of no where said the example used in the definition.

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