7 Feb , 2009  


Expletive, Interjection, Noun

1. A word either whispered or shouted at someone to either annoy, surprise or seduce them.

2. A telegram delivered with a pair of crappy PJ’s at a ridiculous price by this company.

Ex: Hey, I have a secret, …….. PAJAMAGRAM!

Origin: Its a real thing. Also, Jess was drunk and playing Trivial Pursuiting one evening with friends and kept shouting and whispering Pajamagram for every answers in the game.

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Drunk Talk,Inappropriate,Nonsense,Silly


6 Jan , 2009  



1. A blow job given by a person wearing a white sheet with a hole in it(as a ghost would) while a voyeur stands at the light switch flipping it on and off throughout the act, whilst making ghost noise (as called for)
Ex: No example neccessary

2. A blow job given by a ghost

Origin: Adam B. and Joel, Chris and Jess invented the idea of a ghost-j at Como’s restaurant, while Jess wore her scarf over her face, “Ghost-J style”.

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Drunk Talk,Nonsense,Silly


21 Dec , 2008  



1. Any unit of “measurable” time:

Ex: I will be back at nineteen-ninny, skank.

Origin: 2008 Jess drunk talking with Adam B.

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