Body Parts

Country Bees

26 Aug , 2013  



1. An extremely itchy asshole.

Ex:”GOD! I’ve got country bees so damn bad! AGHHH!” 

Origin: Someone misheard the hell out of something someone else said and the riffing piled up until we got to itchy asshole.

Alt: Country Bumbles

1. Hemroids.

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Body Parts


11 Dec , 2012  



1. Genitals, male or female.
Ex: “The doctor said my jennies will be fine, but that I should probably take a break from making nut shot videos.”

Origin: Word shortening.

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Body Parts

Back Mouth

5 Sep , 2011  

Back Mouth


1. Butthole
Ex: Jason has the nicest back mouth

2. A deformity where someone actually has some sort of mouth/lips growing on their back

Origin: Borrowed from an audio commentary  on an Arrested Development episode.

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3 Nov , 2009  



1. Porno

Origin: Borrowed from the filthy mouth of Ms. Kelly P., and who know where she got it.

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Self Pleasure

Jocelyn Elders

18 Aug , 2009  


Verb or Noun

1. To jostle or shake someone.
Ex: Oh god, stop Jocelyn Eldersing me, I’ve got mad drama pipes.

2. Masturbation, or to call someone a masturbater.
Ex: Looks like you need to shave those palms Jocelyn Elders.

Origin: Jocelyn, jostling, jostlin’, pretty straight forward. As for the masturbation meaning, Elders was appointed by Bill Clinton to be United States Surgeon General. During her time in that position she probably most well know for (and made fun of constantly) for her statement made at a United Nations conference on AIDS about masturbation “I think that it is part of human sexuality, and perhaps it should be taught.” So Jocelyn Elders = spanking it.

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Color The Nut Brown

10 Aug , 2009  



1. Penetrating the ain. (Anal intercourse).
Ex: “Hey girl how do you feel about me coloring the nut brown tonight?” “I feeling like that isn’t happening.”

2. Wiping after deification and getting poo on you testicles.
Ex: “Ahh fuck! I just colored the nut brown. Damnit.”

Origin: The phrase is taken from amazing individual names Rusty Tons. Trying to explian Rusty via the internet just won’t work. Ask us in person and we’ll give the full awesome story. As for the meanings of the phrases above, brown = poop, nut = testicles/semen. Not exactly complicated stuff.

Submitted by: Charbuckles

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Letting them down gently

2 Jun , 2009  



1. Delivering bad news while performing a hand-job.
Ex: “How did he take the break up?” “Pretty well, I let him down gently.”

2. Slowly and carefully lowering a person from a great height.

Origin: Jess said: “I guess I’ll have to let him down gently then…” Chris fired back: “So you’ll tell him while giving him a hand job?”

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Jean job

22 May , 2009  

Screen shot 2011-06-10 at 10.15.21 PM

Noun or Verb

1. One person rubbing another person’s genitals through their jeans.
Ex: “You want to give me what? A jean job? Oh yeah that sounds great I’d love to have a raw and chapped dick.”
Ex 2:

2. Employment with Levi’s.

Origin: Jess hand her hand on Chris’s lap and Adam R. blurted out “are you giving him a jean job?”.

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Fixing the air conditioner

1 May , 2009  



1. Sex.
Ex: I’ve been on your porch knock for like 20 minutes where the hell were you? We were upstairs fixing the air conditioner.

2. Being late on the account of having sex

3. Actually fixing problems with a air conditioning unit.

Origin: Derek and Becky were sexing it up when people showed up to their house. After a few minutes of knocking (on the door) they appeared, and Becky shouted “we were upstairs fixing the air conditioner”.

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