Allen Trammell Face

28 Jan , 2009  



1. A condition describing some one’s awful scarred up face. It often comes with the phrase “been hit with a bag of hot nickels”. Deep scarring and pitting are typical and is used to describe the unattractive. (See here)
Ex: Ugh, she got Allan Trammell face!

2. Allan Trammell’s actual face.

Origin: Adam R. is partially credited, this is a way to insult ugly women even further than he normally does.

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Going To Everest

26 Jan , 2009  



1. Giving up on life.
Ex: My dreams are stupid, and everything i wanted it retarded, screw it, I’m going to Everest.

2. Going to
Origin: Those horrible Everest school ads that play constanly during the daytime, and late at night, that no matter what your situation (employeed or not) make you feel like complete trash and everything you want is pointless and Everest is the only way to get ahead in life.

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Dicked up

25 Jan , 2009  



1. Screwed up/messed up.
Ex: What those parents are doing to their daughters with the pageants is so dicked up.

Origin: Not totally sure


Body Parts


21 Jan , 2009  



1. The female equivalent of a boner (erection).
Ex:”Women love guys in brown shirts because it reminds them of the Nazis and they all had a wide-on for Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s List.”

Origin: Borrowed from Vice magazine’s DOs and DON’Ts.

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18 Jan , 2009  



1. Criminals
The police went chasing after the crimmies.

See also- Crims

Origin: BBC America’s great car show Top Gear.  In an episode, the hosts try to find a faster cheaper alternative to the “station wagon”cruisers, in hopes of a cooler car.

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Sex Act

Dance on the architecture

14 Jan , 2009  

Dancing on the architecture

Verb Phrase

1. Oral copulation performed on a female.
Ex: Why don’t we go back to the bedroom and you can dance on the architecture.

2. Dancing on a building in some manner as Lionel Richie would.

Origin: Borrowed and repurposed from the Gaslight Anthem song Casanova, Baby! from the album The ’59 Sound.


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Body Parts


12 Jan , 2009  



1. Your nose.
Do you have a cold? Your beezer is all red.

Origin: Julia Richards and the Richards family.  While eating many a meal at their house, some amazing word/knowledge bombs are dropped regularly.

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Borderline insult

General Elegance

6 Jan , 2009  

Paris Hilton "Can Can" Perfume Photocall at Selfridges in London on May 15, 2008


1. Sarcastically graceful or stylish in appearance or manner, so really neither actually graceful or stylish at all.

2. Really a way to make fun of something for being tacky by acting like it’s awesome and classy.

Ex: We can buy this sparkly, blue cat sweater for general elegance.

Origin: Borrowed from Tracy Morgan, from while on SNL, who refers to a leather tweety bird jacket as being “for general elegance.”

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Borrowed,Unnecessary Word shortening


6 Jan , 2009  


1. Giving or having a feeling of being comfortable.
Aww look, your jammies make you look all comfers-cozers!

Origin: Borrowed from Vice Magazine’s “Do’s and Don’ts” section.