Jean job

22 May , 2009  

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Noun or Verb

1. One person rubbing another person’s genitals through their jeans.
Ex: “You want to give me what? A jean job? Oh yeah that sounds great I’d love to have a raw and chapped dick.”
Ex 2: Jeanjob.com

2. Employment with Levi’s.

Origin: Jess hand her hand on Chris’s lap and Adam R. blurted out “are you giving him a jean job?”.

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Smash Your Snout

19 Jan , 2009  


Verb Phrase

1. Hit someone in the nose/face
Ex: Damnit! Dance on the architecture or I’m going to smash your snout.

2. Hit a dog/animal on the nose

Origin: While dog sitting very loud unruley dogs a threat was constantly made to them to smash their snouts. Over time this migrated from dog to people.

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