18 Jan , 2009  



1. Criminals
The police went chasing after the crimmies.

See also- Crims

Origin: BBC America’s great car show Top Gear.  In an episode, the hosts try to find a faster cheaper alternative to the “station wagon”cruisers, in hopes of a cooler car.

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Ball Drinker

16 Jan , 2009  



1. Coward
Ex: Go on, dance on the architecture already you ball drinker.

2. A falatious individual.

Origin: Chris and Adam R. nonsense. Attempting to recreate the conversation that created this phrase here would be impossible and very inappropriate.

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Piss shivers

15 Jan , 2009  



1. A condition experienced, when someone needs to urinate so badly that they involuntarily shudder a bit.
Are you cold?-No I have the piss shivers.

Origin: Jess had to go to the bathroom really bad, and found that this phenomenon occurred.

*Though most of the world knows about the piss shivers, Jess discovered them at age 26.

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Sex Act

Dance on the architecture

14 Jan , 2009  

Dancing on the architecture

Verb Phrase

1. Oral copulation performed on a female.
Ex: Why don’t we go back to the bedroom and you can dance on the architecture.

2. Dancing on a building in some manner as Lionel Richie would.

Origin: Borrowed and repurposed from the Gaslight Anthem song Casanova, Baby! from the album The ’59 Sound.


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(Case of) The Brookes

13 Jan , 2009  


Noun Phrase

1. Falling asleep (with no alcohol assistance) while hanging out with multiple people at someone else’s house (with no alcohol assistance)  despite everyone being engaged and entertained, and then claiming not to be asleep when called out.
Ex: Brooke wake the hell up. Sorry I got a case of the Brookes there for a minute.

Origin: Brooke D. consistently falling asleep at people’s homes and denying it. Though it happened so often that Brooke adopted the phrase.

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Body Parts


12 Jan , 2009  



1. Your nose.
Do you have a cold? Your beezer is all red.

Origin: Julia Richards and the Richards family.  While eating many a meal at their house, some amazing word/knowledge bombs are dropped regularly.

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Brooke,Sex Act

Watching Ghost World

11 Jan , 2009  


Verb phrase

1. A Euphemism for sex.
Where’s Brooke?  She’s watching Ghost World with some dude at her house.

2. Actually watching the movie Ghost World

Origin: Brooke D, Adam R, Chris H. and Jess J. all discussed Brooke’s previous evening’s activities.  She had claimed to have watched the indie flick with a gentleman caller at a very late hour.  This argument was dubious at best.  Come on.

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30 Rock


10 Jan , 2009  



1. A term of endearment.  Use in place of “baby”
I love you borpoh!

2. A noise

3. The word Oprah, as garbled by Tina Fey whilst on tranquilizers.

Origin: 30 Rock

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Household item

Stink Beans

8 Jan , 2009  



1. A microwaveble grain filled pillow, used to warm up a cold bed, or as a heating pad for muscles/cuddles.  Essential oils in filling may cause stinking to occur.

Origin: A warming bean bag for muscles started to smell after continued microwaving.

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