Murder Pants

31 Jul , 2011  



1.Pants that are so tight, that your organs are squished to cause kidney failure, spinal misalignment, asphyxiation and death if worn for too long.

2. Anthropomorphic pants that are actively trying to kill someone

Origin: The cultural shift of wearing pants that are snug verging on obscenely tight has lead to personal experiences with tight pants bent on silencing my heart by slowly choking the last breath out of me.

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15 Jul , 2011  



1. A person who solicits relationships or sex from the extremely elderly.

Ex: Woah, Anna Nicole Smith was a total elderphile. Gross!

Origin: Kelsey S. (suspected elderphile) invented the term as a classier way to defend himself when we called him a Granny Raper.

See also: Granny Raper

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7 Jul , 2011  



1. Jean Shorts, often very large and baggy and almost always awful.
EX: Ahhhahaha, look at the idiot over there with those big dumb jorts and that braided belt.

Origin: Jeans + shorts =jorts/a terrible idea.

*Some how non-baggy cut-offs don’t count.


Sex Act

Parisian Brunch

2 Jul , 2011  



1. Being raped with a french baguette.
Ex: “Where the hell is Nate?” “Oh dude, didn’t you hear? He had a Parisian Brunch yesterday. He’s not going to be hanging-out for a while.”

2. Having brunch in Paris.

Origin: We were discussing the baguette intercourse experience.


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Body Parts,Regional

Dutch Butt

29 Jun , 2011  


Noun and possible Adjective

1. A phenomenon where older ladies (late 30s+) start having a bigger, flatter ass that seems to grow half way up their back, and partially down their leg.

Example: Woah! Check out the serious case of Dutch Butt on that blonde! It’s like her ass is consuming her back!

Origin: cloudy, but sources can be linked to Brian H. and his Brother-in-law Derek L. of Grand Rapids, Michigan (where a high concentration of Dutch descendent ladies happen to have big, tall, pancake asses.

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30 Rock

This is the prophecy Meat Cat spoke of

14 Jun , 2011  



1. Any predictive statement that later, actually comes true.
Ex: “My architecture is being danced on? This is the prophecy Meat Cat spoke of!”

Origin: Borrowed and then misquoted from 30 Rock. The actual quote from the show is “this is what Meet Cat spoke of.”


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Everything Is Coming Up Milhouse

10 Jun , 2011  



1. Everything is going your way. A series of personal successes.
Ex: “The girl I hated broke up with me and she let me down gently – everything’s is coming up Milhouse!”

Origin: Borrowed from an episode of the Simpsons.

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I too am now in the framing business

6 Dec , 2010  

Framing Biz


1. A method of explaining that you have been dumped by your significant other.
Ex:Well, you’re lucky, because unlike you, I didn’t get a letter with all those obscure adjectives. What are you talking about? I too now am in the framing business.

Origin: This is borrowed from Mallrats.

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Human Body


5 Nov , 2009  



1. Hermaphrodite
Ex: “I heard Lady Gaga is a herm, but I’d still bang him/her.”

2. A guy who runs a record store in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Origin: Simple word shortening, nothing bananas.

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