Unnecessary Word shortening


14 Feb , 2009  


Sounds like: beige

1. Short for Asian
Ex: All aiesh lady have side-ways architecture.

Origin: Not totally sure, it just kind of became a thing. Though it is much more likey to be linked to race related jokes than it is to simple word shortening.

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Borrowed,Unnecessary Word shortening


6 Jan , 2009  


1. Giving or having a feeling of being comfortable.
Aww look, your jammies make you look all comfers-cozers!

Origin: Borrowed from Vice Magazine’s “Do’s and Don’ts” section.


Silly,Unnecessary Word shortening


6 Jan , 2009  

Pronounced (re•gees)


1. Regular sized, arranged in a reoccurring pattern.

Ex: I would like a reggie sized glass of juice, please.

Origin: Jess started asking for things reggie sized and she’s crazy.


Unnecessary Word shortening

The Great Depresh

24 Dec , 2008  


Proper Noun

1. A silly term for the great depression, Now children the Great Depresh was rough on all families.

Origin: 2008 7th grade social studies lesson that Jessie was actually teaching.  Students commmented on the usage and seemed to enjoy.  Antics preformed in the classroom frequently inspire bizarre twists like this to keep children attentive.