Floop The Pig

13 Aug , 2012  


1. Taking an unconventional path to success.

Ex: I was just a caterer, then I flooped the pig, and now I know the most successful Super Crackers in the the tri-state area. 

Origin: Borrowed from the Adventure Time episode, Card Wars. The two main characters are playing a Magic the Gathering like card game. Fin the character who has never played the game floops (activates/taps) his pig card, Jake the experienced player laughs at Fin’s choice, and then is quickly defeated.

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Roy Biggins

10 Aug , 2012  

Roy Biggins


1. Being a big pile of shit/asshole.
Ex:“Nice work Roy Biggins. The wedding is off.”

Origin: J saw a giant pile of dog waste, and C quickly turned “that’s a biggin'” into “Roy Biggins.” Roy Biggins being the dick owner of a rival airline and pseudo bad guy in the television show Wings.

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Arrested Devlopment,Television

Warden Gentles

8 Feb , 2009  

Warden Gentles

Verb Phrase

1. To be gentle.
Ex: Be a little more Warden Gentles with my architecture, its sensitive.

2. Warden Gentles is a charater played by James Lipton on the most amazing television show ever made, Arrested Development. Warden Gentles was the prison warden during the 2nd and 3rd seasons.

Origin: A lot of Arrested Development watching. There is really no funny story with this. Gentle, Warden Gentles, it just happened.

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