Sex Act

Sneak job

29 Aug , 2011  



1. Sex act preformed while sneaking away from a group a people. Often said act is not as secret as the participants would have thought.
Ex: “Hey where have you guys been I’ve been looking for you for the last hour?” “Shut-up man, we all know you were off sneak-jobbing it. We all heard you.”

2. A spy

Origin: You know you’ve at last thought about it if not done it

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Sex Act

Parisian Brunch

2 Jul , 2011  



1. Being raped with a french baguette.
Ex: “Where the hell is Nate?” “Oh dude, didn’t you hear? He had a Parisian Brunch yesterday. He’s not going to be hanging-out for a while.”

2. Having brunch in Paris.

Origin: We were discussing the baguette intercourse experience.


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Sex Act

Dance on the architecture

14 Jan , 2009  

Dancing on the architecture

Verb Phrase

1. Oral copulation performed on a female.
Ex: Why don’t we go back to the bedroom and you can dance on the architecture.

2. Dancing on a building in some manner as Lionel Richie would.

Origin: Borrowed and repurposed from the Gaslight Anthem song Casanova, Baby! from the album The ’59 Sound.


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Brooke,Sex Act

Watching Ghost World

11 Jan , 2009  


Verb phrase

1. A Euphemism for sex.
Where’s Brooke?  She’s watching Ghost World with some dude at her house.

2. Actually watching the movie Ghost World

Origin: Brooke D, Adam R, Chris H. and Jess J. all discussed Brooke’s previous evening’s activities.  She had claimed to have watched the indie flick with a gentleman caller at a very late hour.  This argument was dubious at best.  Come on.

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