Color The Nut Brown

10 Aug , 2009  



1. Penetrating the ain. (Anal intercourse).
Ex: “Hey girl how do you feel about me coloring the nut brown tonight?” “I feeling like that isn’t happening.”

2. Wiping after deification and getting poo on you testicles.
Ex: “Ahh fuck! I just colored the nut brown. Damnit.”

Origin: The phrase is taken from amazing individual names Rusty Tons. Trying to explian Rusty via the internet just won’t work. Ask us in person and we’ll give the full awesome story. As for the meanings of the phrases above, brown = poop, nut = testicles/semen. Not exactly complicated stuff.

Submitted by: Charbuckles

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Red Squirrel In The Morning

7 Aug , 2009  



1. Morning coitus. Specifically, morning coitus with someone with red hair, carpet and drapes.

Origin: Lifted by Charbuckles from a Fleet Foxes song.

Submitted by: Charbuckles

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Fixing the air conditioner

1 May , 2009  



1. Sex.
Ex: I’ve been on your porch knock for like 20 minutes where the hell were you? We were upstairs fixing the air conditioner.

2. Being late on the account of having sex

3. Actually fixing problems with a air conditioning unit.

Origin: Derek and Becky were sexing it up when people showed up to their house. After a few minutes of knocking (on the door) they appeared, and Becky shouted “we were upstairs fixing the air conditioner”.

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8 Mar , 2009  



1. Sex. Hot, dirty sex.
Ex: We’re getting mad-rutty tonight girl. Consider your architecture warned.

2. A general state of arousel/being very horny.

Origin: Borrowed from the comic Achewood. The strip in question can be seen here.

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Body Parts,Intercourse

Panty Crickets

6 Mar , 2009  



1. Any non-fatal STD, generally associated with crabs.
Ex: Dang y’all he gave me panty crickets.

2. Actual crickets in ones panties.

Origin: Amy Poehler playing Britney Spears on Saturday Night Live.

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