Being A Samantha

22 Nov , 2011  


Verb Phrase

1.Having breast cancer
Ex:“What did the doctor say? “Its not good, he said I’m a Samantha.” “Oh my god. Don’t worry we’re going to get through this.”

Origin: Remember all that “You’re a Carrie/Miranda/Samantha/Charlotte” garbage? Well Samantha had cancer, so having cancer makes you a Samantha.

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Dicked up

25 Jan , 2009  



1. Screwed up/messed up.
Ex: What those parents are doing to their daughters with the pageants is so dicked up.

Origin: Not totally sure


Drunk Talk,Inappropriate,Nonsense,Silly


6 Jan , 2009  



1. A blow job given by a person wearing a white sheet with a hole in it(as a ghost would) while a voyeur stands at the light switch flipping it on and off throughout the act, whilst making ghost noise (as called for)
Ex: No example neccessary

2. A blow job given by a ghost

Origin: Adam B. and Joel, Chris and Jess invented the idea of a ghost-j at Como’s restaurant, while Jess wore her scarf over her face, “Ghost-J style”.

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Cuddle Rape

22 Dec , 2008  



1. Being cuddled against one’s will.

Origin: While waiting for a table at a restaurant the question was posed what you would name your child. Chris’s answer was Sasquatch Jr.,  Adam B. claimed he had been raped by Sasquatch. Chris denied this, stating that the sex had been consensual, but the cuddling was not.