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Trouble at the Old Mine

22 Oct , 2012  

Trouble At The Old Mine

Verb Phrase

1. A feeling of intestinal distress that usually involves a trip to the restroom.
Ex: “If you’ll excuse me, I think I’ve got trouble at the old mine.”

Origin: Submitted by Rob P.

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Human Body

Hammer Time

9 Oct , 2012  

I pooped a hammer


1. The moment you realize you are about to poop a hammer.
Ex: Oooh god, its hammer time.

Origin: Derivative of “I pooped a hammer.”

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disgusting,Human Body


30 Sep , 2011  



1. A euphemism for a woman’s aroused lady bits.
Ex: “Don’t get a super-soaker over that guy in the plaid shirt.”

2. A children’s large toy squirt gun, that usually holds large amounts of water sprayed at a high pressure by a pumping mechanism.
Ex: That super-soaker blasted my glasses apart.

Origin: @KateCarroway is a blogger for Vice Magazine. She has written a “Girl News” series that uses the term super-soaker similar to how Hecktionary uses “wide on“.

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5 Nov , 2009  



1. Hermaphrodite
Ex: “I heard Lady Gaga is a herm, but I’d still bang him/her.”

2. A guy who runs a record store in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Origin: Simple word shortening, nothing bananas.

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Human Body

Drama Pipes

10 Jul , 2009  



1. Stomach/intestinal problems.
Ex: Oh god where is the pepto, I’ve got all kinds of drama pipes.

2. Pipes used to carry drama from one area to another.

3. Pipes constructed of drama.

Origin: Borrowed from Achewood.

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