3 Nov , 2009  



1. Porno

Origin: Borrowed from the filthy mouth of Ms. Kelly P., and who know where she got it.

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Letting them down gently

2 Jun , 2009  



1. Delivering bad news while performing a hand-job.
Ex: “How did he take the break up?” “Pretty well, I let him down gently.”

2. Slowly and carefully lowering a person from a great height.

Origin: Jess said: “I guess I’ll have to let him down gently then…” Chris fired back: “So you’ll tell him while giving him a hand job?”

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Jean job

22 May , 2009  

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Noun or Verb

1. One person rubbing another person’s genitals through their jeans.
Ex: “You want to give me what? A jean job? Oh yeah that sounds great I’d love to have a raw and chapped dick.”
Ex 2: Jeanjob.com

2. Employment with Levi’s.

Origin: Jess hand her hand on Chris’s lap and Adam R. blurted out “are you giving him a jean job?”.

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