Borderline insult


3 Mar , 2009  

dexter john lithgow

Pronounced: Miami – aie

1. To make things much worse than they are.  (verb)
Ex: As bad as you are at dancing on the architecture, some how you managed to Miamier to up.

2. Someone who makes Miami saucey.  (noun)

Origin: Who knows, Andy is bananas with the words.

Submitted by: Andy G.

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Borderline insult

General Elegance

6 Jan , 2009  

Paris Hilton "Can Can" Perfume Photocall at Selfridges in London on May 15, 2008


1. Sarcastically graceful or stylish in appearance or manner, so really neither actually graceful or stylish at all.

2. Really a way to make fun of something for being tacky by acting like it’s awesome and classy.

Ex: We can buy this sparkly, blue cat sweater for general elegance.

Origin: Borrowed from Tracy Morgan, from while on SNL, who refers to a leather tweety bird jacket as being “for general elegance.”

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