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Country Bees

26 Aug , 2013  



1. An extremely itchy asshole.

Ex:”GOD! I’ve got country bees so damn bad! AGHHH!” 

Origin: Someone misheard the hell out of something someone else said and the riffing piled up until we got to itchy asshole.

Alt: Country Bumbles

1. Hemroids.

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Body Parts


5 Mar , 2013  



1. Breasts.
Ex: I’ve never been able to effectively work my t-lumps.

Origin: Borrowed from the Adventure Time episode, Gotcha.

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Body Parts


11 Dec , 2012  



1. Genitals, male or female.
Ex: “The doctor said my jennies will be fine, but that I should probably take a break from making nut shot videos.”

Origin: Word shortening.

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Body Parts


4 Sep , 2012  



1. Vagina.
Ex: A whore’s bath? Yes, I had a one night stand so I rubbed some dryer sheets on my pits and splashed some water on my hush. I’m a modern woman!

Origin: Borrowed from an episode of Happy Endings.

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Body Parts

Back Mouth

5 Sep , 2011  

Back Mouth


1. Butthole
Ex: Jason has the nicest back mouth

2. A deformity where someone actually has some sort of mouth/lips growing on their back

Origin: Borrowed from an audio commentary  on an Arrested Development episode.

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Basics,Body Parts

Bologna Fadeouts

26 Aug , 2011  



1. Large nipples that have no clear edges and just fade into the breast.
Ex: Her rack was so amazing, then she took her shirt off and it was all dinner plate sized  Bologna Fadeouts. I faked an asthma attack and bailed.

Origin: You should have known this since 5th grade.

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Body Parts

Back Taters

24 Aug , 2011  



1. Fat that creeps around to ones back, creating back tits.
Ex: Ugh, gross, look at the back taters on that dude.

Origin: On a family campout, a relative was putting on a lifejacket and it smashed her together and created back tits. And taters was a way to not say tits in front of little kids. Put it all together, back taters.

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Dutch Butt

29 Jun , 2011  


Noun and possible Adjective

1. A phenomenon where older ladies (late 30s+) start having a bigger, flatter ass that seems to grow half way up their back, and partially down their leg.

Example: Woah! Check out the serious case of Dutch Butt on that blonde! It’s like her ass is consuming her back!

Origin: cloudy, but sources can be linked to Brian H. and his Brother-in-law Derek L. of Grand Rapids, Michigan (where a high concentration of Dutch descendent ladies happen to have big, tall, pancake asses.

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Body Parts


9 Jul , 2009  



Pronounced like aim, but with a “n”.

1. Anus
Ex: Be a little more Warden Gentles with your architecture this time? Girl I’d be more worried about that ain.

Origin: None really. Its just a shortening of the word anus.