20 Oct , 2015  



1. Men urinating hands free.
Ex:  “I just walked into the bathroom and saw some dude bluetoothing without a care in the world.”

Origin: “Hands free.”

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My Bags Are Packed

23 Oct , 2014  


Absolute Phrase

1. Show of complete believe in or support of someone.
Ex:  “No matter what happens today, my bags are packed.”

Origin: Jim Valvano speech shown in the film, 30 for 30: Survive and Advance.

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29 Jul , 2014  



1. When things are going totally crazy

2. Losing one’s shit.

I’m going to go straight up bitchcakes up in here if I can’t get some breakfast!”

Origin: Beth from News Radio.

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Wanna go to Disneyland?

18 Jul , 2014  


Interrogative phrase

1. A phrase of apology or consolation in response to someone’s terrible situation or news. This is given as a symbolic gesture when there is nothing that can be said to explain your support, and care of this person without sounding weird.

Ex:” Yeah, My dad fought really hard, but he couldn’t make it.” “…hey man, wanna go to Disneyland?”

Origin: The Nerdist Podcast host, Chris Hardwick and guest Hannibal Buress were discussing what happens when someone dies and there is no way that you can say anything to make that person feel better, but you still want to say some statement of support that shows that you care and you are there for them without being creepy. Since the nature of this “I support you” statement is often awkward, this phrase instead would provide comic levity as well as show support.

See also: Flarb

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17 Jul , 2014  



(Pronounced: Ya-nosh)

1. Liking something that most people generally don’t think much of.

Ex:”This Tapioca pudding is totally my janosz

Origin: Janosz is a character from Ghost Busters 2. Jess and Mikey D. both loved Ghostbusters 2 almost more than Ghostbusters. Everyone of course thinks they are nuts.

This is the opposite of “Peppers & Onions.”

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5 Feb , 2014  



1. Super tired and fighting to stay awake.

Ex:”We just got here. How are you already straight Spano’d?”

Origin: That pill episode of saved by the bell and Jessie (the person not the tv character)  being fall down sleepy while out and about.

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Body Parts

Country Bees

26 Aug , 2013  



1. An extremely itchy asshole.

Ex:”GOD! I’ve got country bees so damn bad! AGHHH!” 

Origin: Someone misheard the hell out of something someone else said and the riffing piled up until we got to itchy asshole.

Alt: Country Bumbles

1. Hemroids.

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1 Aug , 2013  

Caked Out


1. Doing well, you got yours. Comfortable.

Ex:”Dude is so caked-out he’s just giving money away.” “He’s giving to charities you idiot.” “Still though caaaaaaaaked-out.”

Origin: Ice-T talking about the 1984 Mr. T record “Mr. T’s Commandments” he wrote and why he isn’t ashamed of it.



It’s like a Coalesce show in here

8 Mar , 2013  


Verb Phrase

1. A room full of “unattractive” people.
Ex:”High five on being the hottest people here.” “What?” “Look around, its like a Coalesce show in here.”

Origin: Hardcore doesn’t exactly bring out the models. Jess actually said these exact words while in a a room full of ugos.

Also see: MicroCenter 10

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